Shining 3D Metrology Freescan UE Pro 3D scanner

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Product information "Shining 3D Metrology Freescan UE Pro 3D scanner"

FreeScan UE-PRO Laser Handheld 3D-Scanner

The FreeScan UE Pro Laser 3D scanner inherits the high precision, metrology quality and lightweight design of FreeScan UE, while improving the overall accuracy of large-scale part scanning. It adopts 26+5+1 blue laser lines and integrates photogrammetric module. Considering speed, accuracy and detail, this professional 3D metrology solution can be applied to various size scanning scenarios and perform metrology-grade precision inspection and reverse engineering.

Capable of capturing complex parts (dark, reflective surfaces), the Freescan UE Pro is your best tool for your routine measurement and inspection applications. This new generation 3D scanner is specifically developed to meet the high demands of professionals and industrialists in cutting-edge sectors (automotive industry, transport, molding, energy, aerospace, machining, heritage conversation...).

3D metrology scanner using blue lasers

The FreeScan UE uses light source scanning technology (blue lasers) to project lines onto the surfaces to be scanned. The data obtained is then processed by the FreeScan UE Pro software to virtually recreate the scanned surfaces with very high precision (up to 0.02mm in single precision, and 0.02mm+0.04mm/m in volumetric precision).

With its wide scanning range (600mm × 550mm) and redesigned user interface, 3D scanning has never been so intuitive. The FreeScan UE delivers accurate and consistent results, even on complex, dark or reflective parts.

The new benchmark for metrology scanners

Metrological quality

With the accuracy down to 0.02mm, the Freescan UE Pro delivers consistent scanning results. The photogrammetry function is integrated in the scanner, no need to apply coded targets. It quickly locks the spatial position of the target frame.

Multiple scanning modes

The 3D scanner contains 13 cross laser lines for scanning large objects quickly, 5 parallel laser lines for scanning fine details, and a single laser line for deep holes and pocket area scanning.

Easy to use

The FreeScan UE Pro software is intuitive. It guides you through your workflow to help you achieve the best possible scan result.

Seamless docking to inspection and design software

The scan data can be imported into all mainstream 3D inspection and design software programs, such as Geomagic Control X, Geomagic Design X, and Verisurf Inspect with one click, improving the workflow efficiency.

Technical specifications

Product: FreeScan UE Pro

Scan Mode: Multi Line Scan, Single Line Scan, Fine Scan

Light source: 26 laser lines + single laser line (Multi Scan), 5 parallel laser lines (Fine Scan)

Working distance: 300 mm (Multiscan), 200 mm (Fine Scan)

Scan accuracy: Up to 0.02 mm

Volumetric accuracy: 0.02+0.03 mm/m (standard mode), 0.02+0.015 mm/m (built-in photogrammetry mode)

Scan speed: 1,850,000 points/s

Scan depth: 170 mm - 680 mm

Max. Scan area: 600 mm × 550 mm

Photogrammetry: Built-in scale bar photogrammetry mode

Laser class class: 2M

Connection Standard: USB 3.0


Version: FreeScan UE

Output: OBJ ; STL ; ASC ; PLY ; P3 ; 3MF

Inspection/Design Module: Compatible with multiple inspection/design software solutions such as Solid Edge, Geomagic Control X/Essentials, Geomagic Design X, Verisurf, etc.


Recommended configuration
OS:Win10,64 bit;Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX/RTX series cards.
higher or equal to GeForce RTX 3060;
Video memory:≥6 G;Processor:I7-8700;Memory:≥32 GB

Dimensions 298 mm x 103.5 mm x 74.5 mm
Weight 840 g
Power consumption DC: 12V, 5.0A
Working temperature -20 °C à 40 °C
Working humidity 10%-90%
Certifications CE, FCC, ROHS, WEEE, KC


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