Shining3D Freescan Trak 3D scanner

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The Shining 3D Freescan Trak is a professional optical tracker system with a high-precision 3D... more
Product information "Shining3D Freescan Trak 3D scanner"

The Shining 3D Freescan Trak is a professional optical tracker system with a high-precision 3D scanner. It features an excellent accuracy of up to 30 microns, an impressive scanning range and a compact, wireless design. Due to the aforementioned features, the device offers an easy and convenient way to obtain accurate 3D data of medium to large objects.

Thanks to the company's latest technological achievements, Freetrak's optical tracker detects the scanner's spatial position in real time, providing a portable, effective and reliable 3D solution for state-of-the-art experiences. The dynamic referencing function enables scanning without markers and free movement during measurement even in unstable environments.

The integrated inspection software has a user-friendly interface and advanced tools that ensure high-quality data acquisition. The benefits listed make the Shining 3D Freescan Trak an ideal device for static and dynamic inspection, deformation analysis, 3D modeling, maintenance, repair, overhaul and design.

The following video shows how the scanner is used by ATD GmbH for quality control:


Scan accuracy

The Freescan Trak is a professional 3D scanner with a metrological accuracy of 0.03 mm and high repeatability. It also has an excellent resolution of up to 0.05 mm.


Scan volume

The Freetrak's optical system offers a maximum scanning area of 3000 x 2500 mm, making it perfect for large and medium-sized scans. The scanner itself is capable of capturing an area of 275 x 250 mm. With a depth of field of up to 2000 mm, you can capture large objects at an impressive speed of 480,000 measurements/s.


Scanner control

The Freescan Trak 3D scanner supports wireless and wired connections to the computer and optical tracker, including the AIRMASTER solution, making it easy to use without additional cables that restrict movement.


Thanks to the independent mode, the scanner can be used as a stand-alone device for some tasks.


The Freetrak Probe wireless module ensures reliable measurements in demanding industrial environments by being insensitive to vibration and position changes during operation.


freescan_trak_image_2-3d-drucker-experte-4 Probe-freescan


The Freetrak optical system is compatible with a variety of analysis software, including Geomagic Essentials, Geomagic Design X and Geomagic Control X.n.


In addition, Shining 3D provides an integrated inspection solution with a clear and user-friendly interface. EinSpector's comprehensive toolkit, including accurate alignment, chromatographic analysis of deviations, and automatic calculation of geometric tolerances, guides you effortlessly through the entire process, from a 3D point cloud to a usable mesh for reverse engineering in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, nautical, and medical industries.

The following video from Shining 3D shows you the complete workflow of the system:



Accuracy: up to 0.03 mm
Connection standard: IEEE802.11n/ac, IEEE802.3ab
Connectivity: Supports wireless and wired connections
FreeScan Trak depth of field: 250 mm
FreeScan Trak dimensions: 210 mm x 210 mm x 215 mm
FreeScan Trak laser class: Class II (eye-safe)
FreeScan Trak light source: RED LED & 7 laser crosses + 1 additional line
FreeScan Trak scanning area: 275 mm x 250 mm
FreeScan Trak distance: 300 mm
FreeScan Trak weight: 1.2 kg (scanner) + 900 g (Airmaster)
FreeTrak depth of field: 2000 mm
FreeTrak dimensions: 1079 mm x 237 mm x 110 mm
FreeTrak laser class: N/A
FreeTrak Light Source: Infrared LED
FreeTrak scanning area: 3000 mm x 2500 mm
FreeTrak distance: 3000 mm
FreeTrak weight: 7.2 kg
Measuring rate: 480,000 measurements/s
Operating humidity range: (non-condensing) 10-90%.
Operating temperature range: 5-40 °C
Output formats: STL, ASC
Part size range (recommended): 0.2-6 m
Resolution: 0.05 mm
Volumetric accuracy: 15m³, 0.1mm

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