Pattex Superglue Liquid Mini Trio

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Pattex Liquid Mini Trio is an extremely powerful, solvent-free instant adhesive. The super... more
Product information "Pattex Superglue Liquid Mini Trio"

Pattex Liquid Mini Trio is an extremely powerful, solvent-free instant adhesive.

The super glue for instant repairs

When quick repairs are needed, Pattex Superglue Liquid Mini serves as the perfect tool. Whether in the household, in the workshop, in the car or other outdoor areas: The fast adhesive is even dishwasher resistant, following DIN EN D3. The extra strong bonds can be easily applied to various materials such as metal, stone, wood, cardboard, ceramics and many plastics*. Thanks to its consistency, the liquid adhesive flows even into the smallest corners and offers barely visible repairs thanks to its transparency.

*Not suitable for: Glass, glazed, waxed and oiled surfaces, PE, PP, PTFE, very soft leather, artificial leather and plastic foams, Styrofoam®**, delicate textiles. Unsuitable for bonding containers for hot liquids, or contact with food.

**Styropor® is a trademark of BASF

  • As a water-resistant adhesive, the instant glue offers extra strong bonds that even withstand the dishwasher
  • The extra-fast instant glue makes it easy to perform instant repairs in the home, workshop, on cars and in model making
  • Thanks to its formula, the clear, colorless liquid adhesive flows into the smallest corners and crevices and is dishwasher resistant
  • With its versatile formula, the instant glue can bond plastic, rubber, leather, wood, cardboard, metal and ceramics
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