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WASP SPITFIRE BLACK Extruder Comes with 1x SPITFIRE Catridge LT 0,4mm as standard.  ... mehr
Produktinformationen "WASP SPITFIRE BLACK Extruder"


Comes with 1x SPITFIRE Catridge LT 0,4mm as standard.


The innovative WASP Spitfire System leads to a whole new generation of extruder for 3d printer: the modular architecture allows to mount a specific cartridge and nozzle for what’s your need. The SPITFIRE System is equipped with a new resistance that can bring the nozzle temperature up to 350 ° C, for printing more technical materials.

Removable cartridge with a simple turn of screw

The idea behind the new SPITFIRE System is to simply extract and replace a cartridge (consisting of nozzle, barrel and coupler) with a simple spin of screw, depending on the different printing needs and on the materials you want to print.


Interchangeable cartridges

The cartridge (consisting of nozzle, barrel and coupler) is the heart of the SPITFIRE System and gives the new WASP extruder for 3D printer maximum modularity and versatility. From now on, the extruder can be configurable, depending on the different printing needs.

Two types of cartridges have been designed to meet all your needs:

LT SPITFIRE Cartridge with teflon to print at low temperature (indicated for PLA; PETG and FLEX)
HT SPITFIRE Cartridge without teflon to print at high temperature (suggested for ABS; PA; PC; HIPS; PA+C; ASA; PMMA and PP)

The SPITFIRE cartridges LT and HT are available with nozzle of 0.4 / 0.7 / 1.2 mm of diameter too.


Speziell für 3D Drucker: WASP 4070 PRO
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