SPITFIRE Cartridge LT 1.2

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SPITFIRE Cartridge LT 1.2
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SPITFIRE Cartridge LT 1.2   SPITFIRE LT Cartridge,   extractable steel cartridge... mehr
Produktinformationen "SPITFIRE Cartridge LT 1.2"

SPITFIRE Cartridge LT 1.2


SPITFIRE LT Cartridge, extractable steel cartridge for WASP SPITFIRE RED / WASP SPITFIRE BLACK Extruder, with teflon to print at low temperature (indicated for PLA; PETG and FLEX).
Steel Noozle 0.4 / 0.7 / 1.2 mm.

The innovative WASP SPITFIRE System leads to a whole new generation of extruders: the modular architecture allows to mount a specific barrel and nozzle for what is your need.

The cartridge replacement requires expertise and attention. Do not begin the procedure before watching the video instructions in the FAQ section.

The cartridge is to be considered as a spare part, do not stress the extruder with continuous cartridge change.


Speziell für: WASP 2040 PRO, WASP 4070 PRO, WASP 60100
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