Zortrax Z-HIPS Filament 2,0kg 1,75 für M300

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M300 HIPS Farben:

Z-HIPS Filament für Zortrax M300 Farben: Neutral White, Grau, Schwarz (bitte auswählen)... mehr
Produktinformationen "Zortrax Z-HIPS Filament 2,0kg 1,75 für M300"

Z-HIPS Filament für Zortrax M300

Farben: Neutral White, Grau, Schwarz (bitte auswählen)
Material: HIPS
Menge: 2,0 kg
Druchmesser: 1,75mm
Passend für: Zortrax M300
Drucktemperaturen: 220 - 230 Grad
Zortrax® developed unique formula of the filament material dedicated for the Zortrax M200® 3D printer.

Z-HIPS® is a thermoplastic polymer, high impact resistance allows the use of prototypes enclosures for various types of equipment, starting with housings consumer electronics, ending with the covers for industrial machines where it is not required UV resistance. Z-HIPS has very good processing properties such as - gluing, painting, sanding, sandblasting.

Use Z-HIPS with Zortrax M200® and Z-Suite® Software in order to make easy-to-remove support structure. No additional extruder or filament material required to print with advanced support.

Material-Datenblatt: Z-HIPS Datenblatt

Sicherheits-Datenblatt: Z-HIPS Sicherheitsdatenblatt

Material with outstanding resistance to warping during 3D printing process. Thanks to this feature Z-HIPS is excellent for making large elements such as: housing prototypes, bigger parts or architecture mockups. It has unique matte texture, which absorbs light and reduces visibility of minor flaws, giving casings prototypes real commercial look. Z-HIPS is also resistant to solvents.



  • Models with large, flat surfaces
  • Architecture mockups
  • Casing elements for testing
  • Prototypes of mechanical parts
  • Prototypes of consumer products
  • Parts requiring resistance to acetone and solvents

Type: Spool
Dedicated to: Zortrax M300
Technology: LPD
Support: material structure Printed with the same material, mechanically removed
Surface: Mat
Hardness: Low
Elasticity: Medium
Impact strength: High
Tensile strength: High
Shrinkage: Very low
Mechanical treatment: Yes
Chemical treatment (acetone): No
Resistance to: Solvents
Weight 2000 g 

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