BASF Ultrafuse ABS Fusion+ Grey 1,75mm 750g

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BASF Ultrafuse ABS Fusion+ Grau 1,75mm 750g
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Content: 750 Gramm

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Ultrafuse® ABS Fusion+ Efficient Engineering Filament Printing - for non-printing engineers... more
Product information "BASF Ultrafuse ABS Fusion+ Grey 1,75mm 750g"

Ultrafuse® ABS Fusion+
Efficient Engineering Filament

Printing - for non-printing engineers

Ultrafuse® ABS Fusion+ is an easy-to-print engineering material and enables a much more efficient printing process. This means 3D printers spend less time tinkering and more time realizing the full potential of your 3D printing equipment. What's more, Ultrafuse® ABS Fusion+ adheres to water-soluble substrates - no more hassles with chemicals, just dissolve your substrate in water after printing! The 3D printing community has previously viewed ABS as an unyielding material: Now, thanks to the unique properties of ABS Fusion+, you can look forward to a high success rate with greatly improved dimensional stability.

Advantages at a glance

  • Easy to print
  • Direct printing on heated glass or print bed surfaces
  • High heat resistance
  • Adheres to water soluble substrates

Application examples

  • Stencils and fixtures
  • Automotive parts

Material properties

Tensile strength (MPa): 17.9 (ZX), 29.5 (XY)
Flexural modulus (MPa): 878(ZX), 1133 (XZ), 1406 (XY)
Elongation at break: 2.1% (ZX), 10.9% (XY)
Izod notched impact strength (kJ/m2): 2.2 (ZX), 38.4 (XZ), 26.4 (XY)
Notched Izod unnotched impact strength (kJ/m2): 6.6 (ZX), 131.1 (XZ), 73.1 (XY)
HDT @ 0.45 MPa: 91 ºC

Guidelines for printing

Nozzle temperature: 240-260 ºC
Bed temperature: 100-120 ºC
Blower speed: 0% (max. 25%)
Bed adhesion: clean with ethanol
Print speed: 40-80 mm / sec
Upper/lower layer thickness: 0.8-1.0 mm
Layer height: 0.1-0.2 mm

Material: ABS
Color: grey
Radius: 1,75 mm
Weight: 750 g
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