Delta WASP 40100 Clay

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Delta WASP 40100 Clay - Clay 3D Printer Accurate and fast with all ceramic materials.... more
Product information "Delta WASP 40100 Clay"

Delta WASP 40100 Clay - Clay 3D Printer

Accurate and fast with all ceramic materials. Ceramic 3D printer open and accessible on three sides to interact during prints. With Delta WASP 40100 clay is possible to print directly on the floor or on a printing surface removable steel. You can also continue printing without waiting for the workpiece to dry by simply moving the printer. LDM WASP Extruder XL 3.0 compatible, extruder ideal for fast and large prints.


Print volume: Ø 400mm x h 1000 mm; (h 450 mm with intermediate plate)
Minimum layer height: 0.5 mm
Maximum print speed: 150 mm/s
Maximum traversing speed: 150 mm/s
Acceleration: 500 mm/s2


Material: Porcelain, earthenware, gres, refractory materials, clay etc.


LDM WASP extruder: 1.5, 2, 3 mm nozzle diameter (standard)
LDM WASP extruder XL: 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm nozzle diameter


  • LDM clay extruder compatible
  • Removable map
  • New 32 bit map x4 performance
  • Free zeta system (cc)
  • Resurrection system (cc)
  • Higher temperature
  • Wifi module for remote control
  • Adjustable Zero Play Scroll


Operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux;
Slicing software: compatible with all slicing software (Cura - SLic3r - Simplify3D®);
File type: .stl, .obj, .gcode;


SD card
LCD screen


Dimensions: 77 cm x 85 cm x h 195 cm (h 270 cm with tank holder)
Weight of the machine: 80 kg
Dimensions for shipping the machine with wooden packaging: 100 cm x 100 cm x 230 cm, weight 130 kg


Input: 220/240 V 50/60 Hz (110 V available)
Absorbed power: 200 W
N.B.: Air compressor required (min. pressure 8 bar)


Use 20-30 C°
Storage 0-30 C°


Frame and support: metal sheet (reduces machine vibrations, guarantees the best print quality), aluminium, painted steel
Print bed: bed made of multilayer wood
Movements: Guides on anodised aluminium
Open sides give the possibility to stop the printer and interact with the part during printing


  • 1 LDM WASP extruder 3.0 with nozzle in stainless steel diam. 1,5, 2, 3 mm.
  • 1 tank 5L
  • 1 pressure bed in marine plywood
  • 10 kg red stoneware

Note: The air compressor and the pipe connecting it to the 3D printer are not supplied by WASP.

A useful tip: It is a nylon tube that is usually supplied by the air compressor supplier. If you don't have it, you can buy it at any hardware store in the length you need, ask for an 8mm (outside dimension) nylon tube.


A system that allows the user to save their print job and resume it in the event of a power failure.


The machine measures the level of interruption of the print and resumes there.


  • No print stop: you can move the printer without removing the object - every time the print is finished (this avoids having to wait for the object to dry)
  • Print from the floor or from 2 print beds at different heights
  • Extruder with controlled dosing thanks to a screw (2013)
  • Controlled air pressure on the printer
  • Perfect stability thanks to a new sliding system with bearings


Printing Technology: FFF - FDM
Buildvolume: ab 30 cm
Extruder: Single
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