Constructions-3D Mini Printer 3D Concrete Printing PRO Edition

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Complete solution for 3D concrete printing in a reduced format, which is intended for both... more
Product information "Constructions-3D Mini Printer 3D Concrete Printing PRO Edition"

Complete solution for 3D concrete printing in a reduced format, which is intended for both production and research.

With a large print area (1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 m), the Mini Printer Pro is a new reference in the world of mortar 3D printing. This robust 3D printer is designed to meet the high expectations of professionals seeking precision and repeatability. With a choice of automated pumping systems (3 options available), Constructions-3D can also deliver materials adapted to your intended use. Versatile, it adapts to the needs of the construction, architecture, design and research sectors.


Technology : Additive manufacturing based on extrusion by successive layer deposition.
Print volume (X x Y x Z) : 1200 x 1200 x 1200 mm (without nozzle).
3D printer frame volume (W x D x H) : 2100 x 1800 x 2100 mm
Type : 3-axis gantry

PUMP SYSTEM: 3 options

Option 201 (Access Pack): Constant flow pump requiring prior mixing.
Option 202 (Research Pack): Double mixing and delivery pump.
Option 203 (Production Pack): Option 2 + automated silo.


Slicer developed by Constructions-3D, especially for 3D concrete printing.
Allows the user to process any file in STL format.
Intuitive and easy to use.


Mini Printer Pro 3D printer + pump system* (please select option 201-203) + software + material**.

Constructions-3D-Mini-Printer-Pro-2  Constructions-3D-software  Constructions-3D-material


* Different pump systems depending on the packs proposed: Access pack, research pack, production pack.

** 1 tonne of mortar premix adapted to 3D printing, packed in bags or big bag. The printer is open to the use of any other printable construction material that respects the technical characteristics/limitations of the pump system. For more information, please refer to the data sheet or contact us.


What you need for the set-up:

  • Approx. 8.0 x 5.5m free space
  • Room height min. 2.5m (depending on option more e.g. for silo)
  • Lifting truck with fork length 120cm (min. 1t lifting capacity)
  • Ground level access
  • Water connection with at least 2 bar pressure (especially for option 202 / 203)
  • Power connection 2x 16A (Option 201)
  • Power connection 1x 16A and 1x 32A (Option 202/203)
  • Concrete mixer (Option 201)



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